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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? 

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies which can give you support and insight into worrying thoughts and behaviours.

Therapy can help you when you are faced with overwhelming changes in your life, it allows you to:

  • Express your thoughts and feelings in a confidential environment

  • Gain insight and understanding about yourself or a situation that you wish to resolve

  • Explore your thoughts, feelings and the origin of your difficulties

  • Develop insight and understanding about yourself, your relationships and your life events

  • Gain a new perspective and make previously unseen connections

  • Understand projected images in a safe and non-judgemental environment

  • Learn new skills and strategies

  • Eliminate or reduce worrying psychological symptoms

  • Improve your health and well being

  • Improve your self esteem, confidence and learn self acceptance

  • Empower you

  • Resolve problems from your past which is impacting on your present, leading to a more fulfilling life and leaving you space to discover a clearer purpose

  • Learn new life enhancing tools

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