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Clinical Supervision

Qualification: Person Centred Workshops - Colchester 

Diploma in Supervision : "Keeping Supervision Alive" 2015

CPD: Group Supervision

What I offer

Supervision is essential to how practitioners sustain good practice throughout their working life. It provides practitioners with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in depth about all aspects of their practice to work as effectively, safely and ethically as possible.


It also sustains and restores the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work.

As a Supervisor, I offer and seek to develop a relationship that is built on mutual respect, trust and honesty.


My supervisory model will seek to be collaborative, educative, informative and restorative.

My space will seek to honour the work between supervisee and client, recognising the varying needs of supervision for trainees, counsellors, psychotherapists and those working in healthcare professions, which will be agreed via a formal contract.

My contract sets out my expectations of a supervisee, through collaboration and negotiation this will be adapted to form a flexible working contract which will be regularly reviewed.  A sound contract enables a safe working alliance, whether working within an organisation or in private practice.


As a Supervisor, I offer a space that allows supervisees to bring their whole being into a safe space to understand the processes taking place in their relationship with their client, enabling them to become more congruent and effective in that relationship.


Whether this is their client related work or unrecognised and recognised developmental needs.

I offer a space that is warm, contained and will seek to explore any dilemmas for the best possible outcome for the client through the supervisee, their modality and their way of working, which does not seek to exclude the varying needs of the supervisee.

As a Supervisor and Registered/Snr Accredited member of the BACP I will still be seeking and hold in my working awareness the accountability and candour that is expected of supervisees.

Although my practice is held within the BACP ethical framework I will seek to honour the ethical framework of the supervisee with the understanding that the client work will be the primary focus. 

For qualified practitioners, I recognise that the weight of responsibility for ensuring that the supervisee's work meets professional standards will primarily rest with the supervisee, as defined in the BACP ethical framework. 

I strongly believe that supervision should be a rich, insightful, collaborative and an enhancing experience, delivered within a safe, containing and empathic environment.

Supervision for trainee Counsellors: I offer therapy and supervision for trainee Counsellors. I offer a space that can accommodate groups of four students.


Please call me to discuss further.

Supervision: from £80 per 90 minute session.


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