Recent testimonial's:

Before we met Marcia we thought we were at the point of no return but wanted to try, two years down the line we are happy and our future together is stronger than ever, we feel that this would not have been possible without Marcia, thank you!

Couple 2018

At a time when our relationship with one another was slipping downhill Marcia helped us to start rebuilding our marriage!

Over the sessions we slowly begun to understand one another's views and concerns and Marcia helped us to make small changes in our lives to benefit the marriage.

We are now in a much better place and have rekindled something which we never thought was possible!'

Couple 2018

We felt despair after 26 years of marriage and could no longer see the point of being together.

Marcia helped us to understand how unresolved issues, both past and present were impacting on our marriage.  No subject was off limits, which helped us gain insight into our frustrations and destructive behaviours towards each other.  We now have a deeper understanding of each other, restored what we felt we had lost and are now looking forward to the future.  Thank you.

Couple 2017


I have found my sessions with Marcia transformational.  Marcia helped me develop a new perspective on life through listening and reflection. I always felt that her time was purely for helping me. She is a down to earth, educated and patient therapist who took her time to steer me through a difficult part of my life.  This is the first counselling session that I have ever completed!  I highly recommend Marcia to anyone who needs to talk. 

Female 2016

After seeing Marcia for CBT, I feel that I not only have the tools to help me combat the feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem, but also the belief that I can change these feelings for a better quality of life.

Male 2016


After a prolonged period in my life where my anxiety and misplaced anger built to a level where they had a major impact on me and my relationships, I decided that enough was enough and only way things were going to change were through me changing. I decided to visit Marcia to start the journey; it took time but I now know that there is no quick fix to problems that have taken a long time to build. Marcia was able to help me in lots of different ways giving me different tools along the way and changing her support as needed throughout the process. The process has had more of an impact than I could have ever imagined, I am more confident and happy at work, at home and most importantly in the relationship that I wanted to ‘fix’. Visiting Marcia has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far (well except for marrying my husband!). Thank you Marcia for helping me get my life to a place where I am so happy! 

Female 2015


As a man dealing with strong emotions from unhappier times and repressed feelings and memories connected with this, Marcia's help has been beyond what I ever expected to be possible from counselling.  With Marcia's help I have been able to develop the tools I need to help myself emotionally and to deal with my past step by step, at a pace that was right for me.  Marcia's wisdom, depth of understanding, and individual approach has been invaluable to me.  I have seen positive changes effected throughout my life from my personal relationships through to my perspective on the world. Thank you, Marcia.

Male 2014


I had a lengthy period of counselling with Marcia to address long-standing anxiety and depression.  I was initially quite sceptical about what counselling could achieve and was pessimistic as to my prospects of staying off anti-depressants.  However, the process exceeded all of my expectations.  Not only am I now able to manage my depression / anxiety without medication, I also feel that there have been much wider benefits in all aspects of my life, including within my marriage, my career and my relationships with family members.  I am extremely grateful to Marcia, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Female 2013


Marcia helped me to take onus of the things I have control over which in turn helped me to manage my emotions.  A valuable experience. 

Female 2012

Marcia’s capacity for empathy is remarkable.  During my counselling a very close friend died unexpectedly and Marcia’s mirroring of my feelings let me feel, fully, the extent of my grief.  Not being a man who cries easily this was a great gift to me.

Male 2011

“I am a trainee Counsellor on a diploma course, I had Counselling with Marcia as a course requirement, but stayed longer than was required.  I found that Marcia complemented exactly what I am being taught.  Marcia is supportive, respectful, kind, non judgemental and honest.  Marcia created a safe environment, where I felt able to talk about anything no matter how difficult. 

Female 2011


Marcia was my counsellor whilst I was doing my own counselling qualification, and the way Marcia worked really helped to reinforce what I was being taught.


I found Marcia extremely trustworthy, observant and insightful.


With the help of Marcia, I was able to look in to my issues to a level I had not been able to before, and therefore was able to come to a number of conclusions, that have enabled me to move forward and have a better quality of life. My family and friends have also noticed a big difference in me.


My work with Marcia has empowered me to deal with issues that came up after the therapy had finished in a more constructive manner, I can't thank Marcia enough for the support she gave me.

Male 2011


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